Our experience allows us to find the right candidates for various industries and functions within the agreed time frame and according to the request.

We are ready to support your business with effective search if you need a senior executive, a unique professional or a highly qualified specialist in a specific region.


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I recommend M-Choice as proactive, highly professional executive search experts who are well versed in the banking and financial industry. When transferring a vacancy to a job, I am always confident in the quality of their consultations, timeliness, and diversity of the candidate pool. The guys are good at luring candidates who are not in search. I recommend the agency, if you need a spot, accurate closure of the vacancy.

Alexander Karpov, HR Director, Investment Company "Schildershoven Finance"

We work with the M-Choice agency to close vacancies at the CEO-1, CEO-2 levels. The team shows high quality search for top-level candidates. Colleagues always conduct projects using executive search technology, which is very important, especially in the context of conducting complex and confidential projects. We recommend you as effective business partners in the search for personnel, leading projects of different levels of complexity. Consultants work promptly, are attentive to requests, tactful and diplomatic. We hope that our cooperation will continue

Svetlana Pavlenko, Director of Personnel Management at Eurocement Group

It's not the first year I've been working with M-Choice. The team has repeatedly helped us with the closure of key positions in NMZHK, Avito, Black Earth Farming. I can definitely say that they are "bulldogs” in hunting: if they take up a vacancy, then others have no chance, they will close it. Prompt, fast, clear work. Consultants perfectly grasp the specifics of any business, always within deadlines. We are satisfied with the result of the selection of top managers. The work is carried out at a high level

Rostislav Samotsvetov, Financial Director of NMZHK Group, formerly Black Earth Farming, Avito, P&G

I have worked with Natalia Pavlova and the MChoice team for more than 10 years. The company never has punctures, never in 12 years has there been such a thing that they did not close a position, I consider this an exceptional success. If you want a recruiter to come, understand the task, treat it with a soul, understand both the functionality and the personality qualities of the manager, understand what he needs and qualitatively close the vacancy, then contact the guys from MChoice. I can rightfully call the M-Choice agency the strongest in my profession

Olga Novikova, HR Director of Megapolis, previously Vice President of HR at SuninBev, HR Director at PWC, Vice President of HR at Golden Telecom

We connected them to M-choice to search for the first and second line of management. We were very pleased with our colleagues' efficiency, quality and attention to business needs. the agency's consultants save the client's time, qualitatively remove the vacancy profile, search specifically for the customer, and not from the database, always in touch with the client, undertake extremely complex projects, comply with confidentiality conditions, know the mechanical engineering sector perfectly

Valentina Tapuria, Head of Recruitment of Transmashholding JSC

M-Choice is a very experienced and competent team in the field of executive search. Deep knowledge of the labor market, professional communities and customer orientation allow us to provide high-quality services and quickly close vacancies. They feel at ease in the business environment, flexibly approach the request, are always ready to support with targeted consultations and coaching. Special thanks to Natalia Pavlova for her excellent work and cooperation

Oksana Feshchenko, HR Director, Froneri Rus LLC

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    Agency Partners MChoice

    Agency Partners MChoice

    «Мы относимся к подбору персонала как собиранию пазла, филигранно подбирая талантливых кандидатов, способных принести рост и процветание вашей компании»


    Inga Tuzhba, Senior Partner

    Имеет высшее экономическое образование. Окончила РЭУ имени Г.В. Плеханова. Специализируется на executive search проектах для секторов: финансы, логистика, строительство, агропромышленность, девелопмент, e-commerce. Более 20 лет в сфере рекрутмента, в том числе внутри крупных российских компаний. Быстрое понимание задач клиента, глубокое знание функционала позиций внутри отраслей, точечный подход к поиску кандидатов помогают Инге эффективно закрывать потребности клиентов в руководителях высшего звена.

    «Часто я понимаю кто нужен компании даже больше, чем сама компания. Такая проницательность — результат большого опыта в executive search».


    Natalia Pavlova, Senior Partner

    Имеет высшее экономическое образование, степень MBA. Более 10 лет курирует проекты по подбору топ-менеджеров (C-level), а также международный поиск. Обладает высокой экспертизой в секторах: добыча, FMCG, финансы, промышленность, ритейл. 12 лет опыта работы в качестве HR партнера в компаниях Schlumberger, P&G и KPMG позволяют Наталье глубоко понимать бизнес-процессы, специфику индустрий и потребности клиентов в подборе персонала.

    «Executive Search — это уникальная возможность каждый день расширять свою экспертизу, изучать бизнес модели и корпоративные культуры, находить талантливых людей, оценивать их потенциал и помогать компаниям находить эффективных лидеров».

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