«We treat recruiting as putting together a jigsaw puzzle, carefully selecting talented candidates who can bring growth and prosperity to your company.»

Co-founders of M-Choice

About the company

M-Choice is an Executive Search agency focused on the search of top and mid-level management in Russia, the CIS, Europe, the USA and Asia markets. Head office: Moscow, European representative office: Italy. The agency has been established in 2010.

Our team has professionals with extensive experience in recruiting and working as heads of HR departments of the top Russian and international companies. This allows us to clearly understand the needs of the business and speak the same language.

Each of the agency's partners has high industry expertise and successfully recruits for C-Level positions. Our specialization – the executive search approach. We believe that people and companies influence each other in their development. Our experts are ready to help you find outstanding leaders to bring growth and innovation to your business.

The team of Partners

Natalia Pavlova, the Senior Partner

Has higher economics education, holds MBA. She has been leading search and selection projects for top-managers (C-level), and also the international search process for more than 10 years. She possesses high expertise in the mining, FMCG, financial, production, retail sectors. She has had 12 years of experience as HR partner in Schlumberger, P&G and KPMG, which allows her to understand business processes, industry specifics and client needs in recruitment in depth.

“Executive search is a unique opportunity to widen my expertise every day, examine business models and corporate cultures, find talented people, assess their potential and help companies find effective leaders.”

Inga Tuzhba, the Senior Partner

Has higher economic education. Graduated from the Plekhanov University. Specializes in executive search projects for the financial, logistics, construction, agricultural, property development, e-commerce industry sectors. She has been in recruitment for more than 20 years, including within large Russian companies. She demonstrates quick understanding of client’s needs, deep knowledge of requirements for positions within different industries, a point-based approach to finding candidates, which allow Inga to effectively meet clients’ requirements in top managers.

“Very often I understand whom the company needs better, than the company themselves. Such insight is the result of tremendous experience in executive search.”

Svetlana Strelkova, the Senior Partner

Svetlana is leading HR consulting practice at M-Choice. Prior to joining the company, she was as a HR Director in such companies as: MTS, Sibur, Sberbank, Russian Post, Rigla. Education: economics, HR management, MBA. Svetlana is mature in HR Due Diligence, HR business processes transformation, labor market research (talent mapping, salary analysis), performance reviews and assessment.

Svetlana Kazanova, the Partner

She has graduated from the Academy of labor and social relationships, specializing in labor law. Svetlana is the head of the Italian office. She has tremendous expertise in consulting, FMCG, retail industry sectors. She has been working in recruitment for more than 10 years and has experience in international search and selection of managers for retail, technical director of a plant, managers for consulting companies.

“Executive search – is always a challenge to me and my capabilities. New projects are like a new adventure: they capture me completely and don’t let me go, until the vacancies are closed. I am always in contact with my candidates and clients. When the vacancy is closed successfully, I feel tremendously proud of the result achieved and am happy to start a new project."

Olga Khorunzhaya, the Partner

Olga is responsible for the recruitment projects for C-level executives in the sectors of retail, pharmacy, e-commerce, FMCG. She has 15 years of experience in 36.6, X5 Retail Group, MTS and Auchan, she also worked as HR director in Magnit Pharma. The wide network of contacts, professional intuition and persistence in achieving goals allow Olga to successfully complete C-level recruitment projects.

“The search and selection of strong leaders for companies – is the opportunity to influence business results. I feel drive when the candidate and the company fit each other 100%. I feel my contribution through results of the candidate’s work affecting financial growth of the company. I love my job.”

M-Choice specialists are always ready to help you in solving the most difficult tasks!

    Agency Partners MChoice

    Agency Partners MChoice

    «Мы относимся к подбору персонала как собиранию пазла, филигранно подбирая талантливых кандидатов, способных принести рост и процветание вашей компании»


    Inga Tuzhba, Senior Partner

    Имеет высшее экономическое образование. Окончила РЭУ имени Г.В. Плеханова. Специализируется на executive search проектах для секторов: финансы, логистика, строительство, агропромышленность, девелопмент, e-commerce. Более 20 лет в сфере рекрутмента, в том числе внутри крупных российских компаний. Быстрое понимание задач клиента, глубокое знание функционала позиций внутри отраслей, точечный подход к поиску кандидатов помогают Инге эффективно закрывать потребности клиентов в руководителях высшего звена.

    «Часто я понимаю кто нужен компании даже больше, чем сама компания. Такая проницательность — результат большого опыта в executive search».


    Natalia Pavlova, Senior Partner

    Имеет высшее экономическое образование, степень MBA. Более 10 лет курирует проекты по подбору топ-менеджеров (C-level), а также международный поиск. Обладает высокой экспертизой в секторах: добыча, FMCG, финансы, промышленность, ритейл. 12 лет опыта работы в качестве HR партнера в компаниях Schlumberger, P&G и KPMG позволяют Наталье глубоко понимать бизнес-процессы, специфику индустрий и потребности клиентов в подборе персонала.

    «Executive Search — это уникальная возможность каждый день расширять свою экспертизу, изучать бизнес модели и корпоративные культуры, находить талантливых людей, оценивать их потенциал и помогать компаниям находить эффективных лидеров».

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    Main office

    Working hours: 10:00 - 19:00

    Location: Presnenskaya 12, Moscow, Russia.
    Moscow-City business center, Federation Tower, "West", 33rd floor