Multiple Choice cooperates with leading international & Russian players at FMCG market.

Retail and FMCG sectors are the most fast-growing practices in the company. For the last year the number of successfully realized projects has grown two-fold in comparison to 2015. The team specializes in the following searches: retail trade; food, drinks and tobacco products; consumer goods, including consumer durables and day-to-day goods, and also luxury goods and distribution. We successfully find talents both with specific expertise, and those with extensive experience in operational functions (marketing, sales, personnel management, lawyers, IT).

If speaking about a tendency of development in these sectors, then in retail the main tendency of the next decade will be the growth of trade through Internet. Retail industry in Russia is relatively young, so international experience is what could be useful for our clients at this point of time. Valuable candidates are the ones from international network retailers with work experience in Europe, who are comfortable to live in a dynamic mode & operate in a rapidly changing environment.

FMCG sector also expects a large number of transformations, business process optimization, that is why the employee teams are selected especially carefully. In the unstable market conditions it is expected from top managers to improve operational indicators, to increase market share and to implement effective and high-quality changes.

Among our clients there are some of the largest players in the market, namely the public companies.

Natalya Pavlova

Partner responsible for maintaining Executive Search and international projects.


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