Energy and Mining

The energy sector, oil extraction and natural resources production industries remain the most important part of industrial economy. Today, the Russian industrial and mining companies are among the largest players in the world market.

The financial crisis and the crisis of the oil industry continue to be a big challenge and more than ever in these sectors of the economy there is an urgent need in individual approach: energy and industrial companies possess unique structures, the markets constantly change, and players will reposition in a competitive environment. In these challenging conditions, companies aim to optimize costs, business models change, non-standard business solutions are made. There is a big demand in strong top managers and specialists with high level of expertise.

For 10 years we have closely cooperated with leading companies in these areas, providing high-quality services in the sphere of attraction of talents. Our clients are the leading Russian and international companies in an energy sector, oilfield service industry, heavy and mining industries.

For years of work on projects in these industries we have successfully completed over 100 projects for such companies as: E.On (Unipro), Schlumberger, CGG, Largeo.

Natalya Pavlova

Partner responsible for maintaining Executive Search and international projects.


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